Wii Sports Resort Part Two

Last week I talked about Sports Resort, a new game for the Wii but could only discuss a few of the activities as I hadn't had a chance to try them all out. This week I managed a couple more, including skydiving; something I would never, ever try in real life. (It's just that people who have vertigo when they have both feet firmly on the ground don't have any business flinging themselves out of planes.) I also surprised myself by getting a nearly perfect score flinging a round disc while a little puppy jumped up and caught it in his teeth.

I had played Frisbee a little last week and enjoyed it very much. There's something very satisfying about the little dog jumping up and catching my disc in mid-air and when he does a very good job he does a back flip, which is quite cute. I played two games right in a row yesterday, scoring a rather dismal 350 on my first round, then nailing most of my throws in the second round and netting a shocking 900. I say shocking because in real life nobody can catch a Frisbee I throw and certainly nobody does back flips of joy of my skills. My middle son, who plays a game called ultimate Frisbee in real life, has more trouble with the game, much like someone who really can play guitar might have trouble with Guitar Hero I suppose.

I tried the Frisbee golf and stank at my first round, racking up a plus eight on a three hole course! You've got a choice of three different Frisbees – one for putting, one for long range and one for middle range. You throw them into this bizarre glowing tube that looks like it wandered off the set of Dr. Who or Star Trek. You don't have to worry about overshooting the actual tube because if your Frisbee hits it then something magical/scientific occurs and you score. Hooray! On my second round I got a plus two and by my third round I was under par, which was quite satisfying.

Table tennis is a somewhat surprising game. I swear the first game I played there was a bear standing and cheering, whether for me or my opponent I'm not sure. Then I played a scary dude with no features. I've played ping pong with some odd ducks in my time but nobody quite as strange as some of these bystanders. My first game was kind of even with a lot of volleying, then my second game I beat the heck out of my opponent, ending with a six to zero score, which bumped me up to a much tougher dude, who then creamed me six to zero. Who knew table tennis was such a rollercoaster ride? It was crazy! And by this time there was a vampire watching us, which made me more determined to win as I wasn't sure if he as going to eat the winner. The strategy that worked best for me was to hit my ball to the right side of the table a few times then suddenly whack it with all my might to the left side. Boom! Winner!

The skydiving game confused me at first, mostly because I must have missed the directions. You jump out of an airplane, apparently a gazillion miles up as it takes quite a long time to reach the resort island, and meet up with fellow jumpers on the way down. Some crazy paparazzi follow you down, snapping shots the entire way. Your goal is to hook up with as many of your companions as possible and get pictures of all of you grinning like maniacs. The bigger the smile, the more points you get. Maneuvering is a little tricky and can be somewhat frustrating. It's vital to turn your crew towards the camera when the image is about to happen because you want to get everyone's faces in the picture.

You know how in some films a flight attendant will come and ask if anyone knows how to fly a plane? After trying the Island Flyover twice I can tell you if there were a choice between me and one other, we'd be better off having Paris Hilton's lapdog fly the plane. I stink at piloting. I think I crashed nine times in ten minutes. (At least I'm pretty consistent.) The goal of this game is to fly around and collect points, which are the letter I in a circle and also give you information about an aspect of the island. I only found three on my first try, mostly because I was trying to collect a point that is in the middle of the big bridge from Wii Fit that I've run over a thousand times before. It's a lot easier to run on this bridge than it is to fly through it, taking care not to hit the suspensors on either side. Some of the points are quite hard to get, including one that's at the bottom of a volcano.

I could not get the hang of the basketball game to save my life. I tried a three point game where you have twenty-five balls and try and sink as many as you can from five different angles but ended up with a high score of three (compared to my son's score of 21). No matter what I tried I was awful. Interesting this is the only Wii Sports game that I have played where I am actually better at the real thing than the Wii version. I'm just a little off no matter what I do. Needless to say my middle son enjoyed it quite a lot more than I did.

Two weeks on and I still haven’t finished playing all the games available at the Resort. This is partly because I've been extremely busy but more because I really a couple of the games (like sword fighting) and tend to migrate back to those even when I should be trying something else. If you like the original Wii Sports or Wii Fit you should be very happy with this version.

One-Paragraph Review

This week's one-paragraph review is from Maura the Marauder who writes in to say, "I recently saw Ponyo, and I have to say it was one of the greatest movies I have seen in ages. Miyazaki really did create his masterpiece with this film. With an excellent plot and amazing artwork, Ponyo is going to be a movie I'll buy the moment it arrives on DVD, and I would recommend it to everyone who has ever liked cartoons, anime, or any fantastic artwork." Do you have a one-paragraph (or smaller) review you'd like to share? Send it in to me for consideration. You can reach me at feedback@qualitytimeweekly.com.