In Which I am Grouchy and Hardly Like Anything

For the last few years I've been excited about shows coming up in the next season. These were shows like Dollhouse and Sarah Connor Chronicles and Caprica; basically all shows that aren’t on the air any longer. This year I'm just not too thrilled regarding anything I'm hearing about. There are a couple that have me interested but nothing that has me counting down the days until they appear. Most of the commercials I've seen have left me either feeling meh or violently opposed.

Shows I won't be watching this fall – anything revenge themed. I don't care about revenge. I don't care about these characters I haven't met yet. Why should I root for them as they go out and wreak mayhem, usually harming loads of innocent people? (Not to mention property damage.) Also have you noticed that the dead person, the one the revenge seeker is avenging, is usually portrayed as a sweet and blameless person, who would no doubt be horrified at the notion of someone running around town killing in their name?

I'm also planning to skip Whitney, a show that appears to be eighty pounds of misogyny in a five pound bag. A typical ad states that the way to "punish" a man is for a woman to talk. Wow, what a fresh concept! We certainly haven't heard the same thing from a bunch of comedians through the years and it's definitely not the theme of a recent Klondike bar commercial. We're supposed to think Whitney's anti-women rhetoric is funny and acceptable because Whitney is a woman. What century is it again? Weren't we tired of women talking trash about each other back when we lived in caves or trees or on the savannah?

Another show I will never watch is called the Chew. Seriously, that's really the name. You know how cellar door is supposed to be one of the most beautiful sounds in the English language? The word chew is one of the worst. Cheeewww. Yuck. It even has the word ew built right into it. But terrible name aside, I'm so not interested in a chat show about food. This one is replacing a soap opera which is currently featuring long dead people coming back to life. How can yet another show telling me small shrimp is cheaper than big shrimp compete with that?

Shows that will make my head explode when someone says they feature strong women characters – the thing with the Playboy bunnies, the thing with the stewardess, the thing with the Charlie's Angels. Pardon me while I bang my head on my desk.

Shows I am looking forward to – Terra Nova. If you watch TV at all you've no doubt seen a gazillion commercials for Terra Nova, the upcoming Swiss Family Robinson VS the Dinosaurs project. None of the commercials look particularly interesting, but a writer/multihyphenate I like is working on the show so I'll give it a shot. Jose Molina has worked on Haven, Castle, Firefly, Angel and many other lovely shows. Hopefully Terra Nova will be in the same quality ballpark as the others.

There are two fairy tale themed shows coming out this fall and I'm looking forward to both of them. One is called Grimm and the other Once Upon A Time. Obviously they aren't trying to hide their origins. Both of these shows have writers I like working on them so I have high hopes. Grimm is about a detective who works in a supernatural Portland and is one of the few who can see the truth behind the normal façade. You can watch the four minute trailer here: Once Upon a Time, brought to us by two of the producers of Lost, is more of a crossing the borders of fairy and our world and back again story. A young lady is reunited with the son she gave up, who thinks she is the child of fairy tale figures. There is an evil queen, a curse, danger and other well loved tropes. You can see a trailer here at the official site:

Bonus Treat:
This week's bonus treat is an XKCD comic that I'm in love with. I think my favorite part is that she refers to cancer as something that's holding her back, not as a devastating illness or something that can kill her. She's amazing.