What's Going on in Movieland?

Film releases can be kind of like snow. You don't get any for a long time and then you get more than you know what to do with and you're somewhat overwhelmed. Or, worse yet, you only get a little bit and it quickly turns black and looks depressing. All right, so that metaphor's a bit of a stretch but I was at the point where I looked at some trailers and thought the only way I'm going to see that is if someone pays me a substantial sum of money and lets me bring my knitting. Then suddenly there's a flurry and there are so many movies I want to see that I can't even decide which one I should see first.

The number one movie on my "can't wait to see" list is Spiderman 3. I've been a fan of the webslinger since I was fourteen and I really like how well this current crop of films is portraying the Peter Parker, Mary Jane and Aunt May I know and love. In this episode Peter will face one enemy within and three without; Venom, the new Green Goblin and Sandman without and himself within. He has quite a balancing act going on as his relationship with MJ deepens and he starts to explore the powers of his new black suit, powers that may ultimately corrupt him. Spiderman 3 opens in the US on the fourth but you can hop a flight to Tokyo and see it this weekend if you're as impatient as I am.

Hot Fuzz is number two on my list with a bullet. The latest film from the team that created Shaun of the Dead, is a parody of buddy/action films and looks like loads of fun. Nicholas Angel is an excellent police officer. So good in fact that he's annoyed just about everyone and is banished to a little village called Sanford where nothing ever happens. There he's paired up with Danny Butterman, a goofball who is trying hard to be a good officer. Things start to get weird in the village but Angel isn't sure if it's really happening or all in his head. I loved Shaun of the Dead so much it's almost impossible for me to believe I'm not going to love this one. If it's bad or not funny my entire month is going to be ruined. Opens today, April 20th.

Also opening today is Fracture, a courtroom drama starring Anthony Hopkins as a structural engineer who shoots his wife in the face and implements a plan designed to let him get out of jail free. Ryan Gosling plays the prosecutor who must engage in a battle of wits to keep Hopkins from escaping in a series of technicalities.

Vacancy, starring Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale, is a story about a couple whose car breaks down, forcing them to spend the night in a ratty hotel. The only entertainment going on is the television in their room but it ceases to entertain when they realize the slasher film they’re watching is real and filmed in the very room they’re renting. With surveillance cameras and a creepy dude at the front desk how are they going to escape? Be sure to visit the website and call the number for reservations. If you leave your telephone number for a callback the aforementioned creepy guy just might return your call. Opens today, April 20th.

Opening April 27 The Invisible - the Quality Time team is split on this story about a young man who needs to solve his own murder in order to live again. I think it could be good while another member thinks it looks "stupid." I do agree with a literary agent who has said she's tired of stories where characters have to jump through hoops or do tricks to get to heaven or whatever comes next. On the other hand, while the premise might be hokey and overdone, it is from the producers of The Sixth Sense and one of the writers of Batman Begins so I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt. But not to the tune of fifty bucks for an evening out, we'll wait and catch this one when it shows up on cable. The official website is a myspace account, which makes me think they're trying a little too hard to be hip. It's also difficult to navigate and didn't fit on my screen (there were no sidescrollers) but there is a blog that takes you to little lamentations and cryptic comments from Nick, the dead, or maybe not so dead lead of the film.

One-Paragraph Review

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