Some Halloween Eats and Treats

This week we'll take a look at some Halloween themed food and drink, good for serving at a party or just adding some zip to your meals. We'll begin by looking at this ridiculously difficult Halloween gingerbread house. These things are always a little baffling to me, mostly because I want to eat them instead of building with them. I really like the looks of this one and wonder if you could get by with a mix instead of making the gingerbread portion from scratch.

This recipe for Layered Ooze looks a lot like the Slurpees my kids made when they were young. Frozen and with lots of different flavors. This beverage has grape juice, orange juice, limeade and soda to give it some bubbles.

This drink can be made with either tequila or lemonade, which I did not know were interchangeable. Called Gremlins Rule I mostly picked this one because you get to make a fun face out of fruit, using kiwi, cherries and citrus peels. I also like the glasses in the image, but I don't have a recipe for those.

This one is pretty disgusting as it contains a frozen hand, one of the many things I don't want in my drinks. Made with pineapple juice, lemonade, orange slices and the hand of Satan this punch is pretty fast and easy to make. Once you have the hand that is, which is made by pouring cranberry juice into clean plastic gloves and freezing. So maybe not the hand of Satan after all, unless Hell really has frozen over.

For an even more vile and horrifying punch try this Eyeball Punch, which is just what it sounds like. (No, it's not what happens when you get into a bar brawl.) The floating “eye” in this punch is made from lychees (aka litchis) and cherries. They look pretty good if you ask me. I.e. they look repulsive.

Called Mr. Bones and Double Dip, this veggie dip comes in two flavors, both watched over by a skellington made of vegetables. The dips come in creamy avocado and smoky red pepper. You can use a bunch of different kids of vegetables to build Mr. Bones, whatever suits your fancy.

This Slithering Snakewich looks as though it would be popular year round, especially with the younger set. It's essentially a pizza sandwich, with pimento eyes and a red pepper tongue.

Speaking of pimentos, these deviled eggs can be converted into spooky Night Eyes with the addition of a few vegetables, including one I had never heard of before. I wish I knew where to get the plates in the image, they remind me of Jeannie's eyes in I Dream of Jeannie.

These Tipsy Tombstone Sandwiches are a cute idea. It's very important to ignore the part of the instructions that says to use rye bread as rye bread is awful. Basically you're going to make the bread into the shape of tombstones, make the sandwiches, add some landscaping and hey presto you're all done.

If you'd like something gory and terrible to go with your hand infested punch you might like this cerebrum made from shrimp and various gooey substances. I'm allergic to shellfish so I can't even think about this dish or I'll burst into hives.

I like the looks of this Cheshire Cat Cheese Ball, but I would definitely not like to wake up to find it staring at me. It has eyes made out of apples, which I find particularly disturbing. On the other hand its teeth are made of almonds, which are not famous for chewing up souls, so maybe it is safe.

Here is a recipe for Creepy Bug Buns. They're stuffed with mozzarella and pizza sauce. I like the way they look like they burst open and oozed to death while in the oven.

Bonus Treat:
This week's bonus treat is an image that is pretty cute. I'm not ordinarily a fan of animals in clothing, but these kittens are super cute. The pun is not bad either.