Papercraft for Valentine's Day

My apologies for the lack of a column last week and the extreme lateness of this one. I am still computerless (the super slow one now won't boot at all. I bought one secondhand that turns itself off every five minutes, so hooray?). I am on a borrowed system now, which sounds like a jet plane desperately trying to take off. I managed to cobble together a quick column with some Papercraft ideas for Valentine's Day and will now hopefully post it, five days after I wrote it.

While not pink, red and white, or covered in flowers and hearts, this Ferris wheel can work well for Cupid's holiday because everyone knows that getting stuck at the top of the Ferris wheel is the most romantic thing in the world. And if you're not in a lovey dovey mood you can set it up in front of a fan blasting at top speed while pretending all the lovers are trapped in a hurricane.

This roller coaster can be used in a similar way. Either you can squeeze your honey as you both go through the sickening drops, or you can fling annoying happy couples over the edge as you rocket through the hills and turns.

For something a little more traditional, try this mobile, which features a couple of rabbits smooching and lots of hearts. Since it features nice bright colors it would make a good addition to a nursery, maybe to hang over a crib. (Do people still do that or did someone decide it isn't safe?)

Anyone who wants to be labeled ruler of Valentine's Day could make this tiara, which features large pink hearts. Think how much money you’re saving by making it out of paper instead of silver and rubies, garnets or spinels. If the tiara is too pink for the recipient maybe this gold crown with a red stone will work better.

This card is perfect for those who like to say “I love you” with a snail. Flowers are so yesterday, right? Don't worry, I've got those who want something a little more traditional covered. This card features two birds united in love. It is much more elegant than the snail card.

This is a link to a “string decoration”, which can be hung from a ceiling, so it can rotate in space and react to air currents, or you can make it more two dimensional by putting it on your door. The colors are oddly reminiscent of Autumn, but it is labeled as an official Valentine's Day decoration.

The Toymaker has a fantastic template for an elephant that delivers hearts, flowers and a little book, which is blank, just waiting for your love poetry.
While you are at her site you should probably also grab this hanging heart basket, so you have a place to store all the hearts you break this year.
Bonus Treat:
This week's bonus treat is the single greatest love song every written, bar none. Who can resist these lyrics?

I'm your only friend
I'm not your only friend
But I'm a little glowing friend
But really I'm not actually your friend
But I am