Movie Trailers From Alternate Universes

Spiderman 3 opens this weekend. 'Nuff said.

What's that? You say you can't sit in the theatre all weekend long and would like something else to do? How about something movie-related? Sometimes it seems like the best part of going to the movies is seeing the ads for the upcoming films. You've no doubt noticed that a trailer can make or break a film, making the new release look better or worse than it really is. And I'm sure you've seen trailers that are nothing like the films they represent. I recently saw one that had a scene that never appeared in the actual show. With the explosion in easy online publishing I've been very pleased to see trailers that are designed to make the film look like it's a completely different genre. One of my favorites is West Side Story as a zombie film. We'll be taking a look at some of these new interpretations this week, including remixes of the blockbuster film 300. But first, did you know why trailers are called trailers? Doesn't make much sense when we watch them as soon as the theater lights go down. Writer James D. Macdonald informs us that they used to come after you watched the feature presentation.

This remixed trailer, takes footage from the classic children's film Mary Poppins and turns it into something quite different, a movie called Scary Mary. You may be thinking there isn't anything frightening in the Mary Poppins you remember but trust me, this is good stuff. The tagline is "Hide your children."

Here's a trailer for the zombie version of West Side Story. It starts out saying "In the summer of 1961 14 blocks of Manhattan's West Side were quarantined." This is one of my very favorite mashups. I've watched it dozens of times. I'm continually amazed by how creepy the dance numbers can look.

Winner of a remix contest, this spot for The Shining turns the horror film into a feel-good romantic comedy in the style of As Good as it Gets. If you ask me, that's an even creepier proposition than the original haunted hotel motif.

And speaking of hotels, here's Psycho remixed as a romantic comedy from, created by the owner of the site. Who knew Norman was so charming?

From the same contest as Shining and West Side Story we have this remix of Titanic as a horror story. (I thought the original was frightening enough.) Best line - "Half the people on this ship are going to die."

What happens when you cross Ferris Bueller's Day Off with Friday the Thirteenth? You get Ferris the Thirteenth, a trailer that uses the interplay between Ferris and his principal to good effect. I think this would work a little better if there weren't quite so much voiceover but it's still a fun piece. You'll never look at Cameron's dip in the swimming pool the same way again.

Have you ever wondered what could possibly make Pulp Fiction better? The obvious answer is film it with muppets instead of people. Here's Pulp Muppets posthumously directed by Jim Henson.

And for something a little different, a trailer for a film that never existed at all, the sequel to Titanic, Titanic Two the Surface. I can only wish this film really was coming soon. I would definitely go see it. Scary, touching, heartbreaking; what more could you want?

When I saw the official teaser for 300 I thought "My goodness, that's an awful lot of half naked men. This film is going to do well because men will want to see it for the fighting and the eye candy will make the ladies happy." Apparently whoever made this trailer, called It's Raining 300 Men, felt much the same way. Hallelujah indeed.

This trailer is billed as the PG version of 300, but I think it could qualify as G as it's not just inoffensive, it's positively cheery. Tonight we dine in Caketown!

Lastly I have this clip, which really has nothing to do with film, but it's lots of fun so I'm including it. Called Pour Quoi, this parody of Parkour comes from the British improv group the Suggestibles. I especially like the part where they get stuck in the revolving door.

One-Paragraph Review

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