Mmmm Peaches…

The peaches are very nice this year so I think its time to spend a little time appreciating them. The interesting thing about peaches is they feel most appreciated when they're part of your summer meal plans, so I've looked up a few easy ways to really make these fruits happy. I've got a couple of suggestions for entrees, one with meat and one vegan, some peach bread and some lovely dessert ideas.

Pork Chops, Peaches and Garlic on a Bed of Couscous

This recipe from ejm of Canada is not for the fainthearted or those who have never cooked before. It's something she put together after reading a comment that said peaches and garlic don't go together. In the best tradition of inventors everywhere, she went to work proving the opposite, that garlic and peaches can be very nice together. And like many people who cook because they love it her recipe is more of a guideline than the sort of thing you'd find in The Dummies Guide to Cooking With Peaches. You won't find any measurements or temperatures in her recipe, just a list of what she did and how it turned out. You can find her recipe here.

Stuffed Macadamia, Peach & Shitake Veggie Roast I've included this recipe because it baffles me and I thought perhaps one of you could enlighten us. Does anyone know what in the world a Sanitarium Veggie Roast is? Or what an alternative in the United States would be? Does the name conjure up images of mad children gardening in the middle of the night for anyone else? I suppose in the end it will turn out to be something like tofurkey but it sounds quite intriguing.

Peach Bread - Claudia's recipe for Georgia Peach Bread is not fancy. There aren't any pictures or comments; this bread rests on its own laurels. Although she doesn't specify, you don't have to use Georgia peaches. South Carolina peaches are mighty tasty as are the ones at the farmer's market at the end of my street.

Russ Parson's Peach Gelato - Here is a gorgeous gelato recipe that only needs a few ingredients, and best of all, doesn't need an ice cream maker. You can prepare it in your food processor. It's the perfect thing for these super hot nights we've been having.

Pesche Fritte - Mascarpone Stuffed Deep Fried Peaches with Vino Cotto Let’s say you don't cook at all, even a little bit. You'll still enjoy reading this recipe because the author is quite amusing. Here's a sample of his prose: "In his recipe he uses the more humble ricotta and I've gone and spoiled the principle by using the luxurious northern equivalent of mascarpone. Much of southern Italian cuisine relies on this kind of humble alternative to northern ingredients. Instead of parmesan cheese, they'll use breadcrumbs. Instead of tomatoes, they'll make balls out of papier mache and paint them red with paint scraped from postboxes." The picture of his finished product is quite lovely also. You should definitely take a look.

Pickled Peaches - This recipe for pickled peaches is intriguing. I'm tempted to think of pickles as being, oh I don't know, a tad on the salty and sour side but this recipe calls for four pounds of sugar and no salt so perhaps I'm just confused.

Peach and Cantaloupe Soup - This fruit soup is also perfect for hot days. It's courtesy of the frugal cuisine blog, so you know it's not going to cost an arm and a leg. Essentially it's four peaches, one small cantaloupe and less than a cup of milk. You don't even have to use dairy, if you're a vegan feel free to use soy milk. You do, however, need a blender.

Wicked Peach Cobbler - I like this recipe for peach cobbler because it's not just any old peach cobbler, it's Wicked Peach Cobbler, which raises quite a few questions in my mind. Is that wicked meaning good as in "That horse ran a wicked mean race?" or wicked as in wicked witch? If the latter do you have to use actual cursed peaches? What happens if you feed Wicked Peach Cobbler to your enemy? There is nothing on the official recipe page to answer these questions, so take care, your mileage may vary.

I also saw a recipe for peach wine spritzer that must be the easiest thing in the world to fix. Ready? Pour a glass of white wine and drop a peach half in. Voila. If peeling a peach is too difficult you can always use canned peaches, because you know, if you drink enough wine you won't notice the difference.

And of course we can always just eat our peaches plain but the best way to enjoy peaches in any form is to eat your concoction while watching Henry Selik's incredible film version of James and the Giant Peach. After all, why should the characters, the sharks and the sea gulls be the only ones to get to enjoy the juicy goodness of a delicious peach? Warning – if you hate bugs or have had too many glasses of peach wine you may want to watch a different movie.

One-Paragraph Review
This week's one-paragraph review is from Stuart who comments on a movie he just watched. "Diarrhea of the Dead? I THINK NOT! George A. Romero is a genius, pure and simple, and Diary of the Dead is a great example of this. It has the chance to be a badly made gore fest that gives you as much motion sickness as Cloverfield. But the movie is made perfectly, no excessive gore, just when it's necessary. It actually has a plot that makes sense, and is fun to watch. I would suggest this movie for anyone who fails to get queasy easily over the age of 15." Do you have a one-paragraph (or smaller) review you'd like to share? Send it in to me for consideration. You can reach me at