Halloween Papercraft 2012

Fall officially arrived last week, which means we're free to start getting ready for the best holiday, Halloween. It might be a bit early to get pumpkins but it's never too early to get started making papercraft for the holiday. We're going to start off slow and simple and then build up to something that might just take you most of the month of October to complete.

These three coloring pages from our friends at Ravensblight should keep kids busy for a bit while also providing seasonal décor. When I was a little girl we used to hang these kinds of images on the windows. When the light shone in we pretended they were stained glass. There are three to choose from: a haunted cemetery, a haunted house and a skull that is likely haunted. http://ravensblight.com/ColoringPages.html

From the same source we have a trio of monsters that you can print and build. One is a scraggly vampire, looking like he hangs out in dark alleys. One is a werewolf suffering from a curse and one is a mad scientist. According to the website her name is Dr. Angela Squid and she is “a genetic research engineer who accidentally drank an untested serum while eating a tuna sandwich.” That definitely sounds like it could lead to some serious glow in the dark problems. http://ravensblight.com/monsters1.html

Speaking of werewolves, here is a very friendly specimen courtesy of Disney's Family Fun. This fellow is bursting out of his clothes and is designed to sit on the edge of something while his little legs dangle down. I thought he was clutching a toothbrush at first but I was wrong. http://familyfun.go.com/printables/3d-werewolf-paper-craft-704292/

The same site gives us this Halloween countdown calendar, which appears to be similar to an advent calendar. It comes in three parts, the main calendar, doors and windows and suggested activities that will be revealed as each day passes and a door or a window is opened. http://familyfun.go.com/halloween/halloween-printables/halloween-countdo... A comment left by a thrifty user says that they didn't have a color printer so they printed in black and white and colored the calendar in themselves.

This candy box is also from the Family Fun site. Decorated with traditional Halloween images and text, the box can store small amounts of candy and comes with a Jack-o-lantern closure. http://familyfun.go.com/printables/halloween-candy-box-797377/

From the Canon Creative Park comes this cute Halloween tree. First you make the tree and then you make all the ornaments that hang from it. You have a choice of ghosts, skulls and crossbones, gravestone markers, black cats, owls, jack-o-lanterns and other assorted gewgaws. http://cp.c-ij.com/en/contents/3160/mini-tree-ghost-tree/index.html

This Halloween house, which lets you open the top and look inside, is also from the Canon Creative Park. http://cp.c-ij.com/en/contents/3160/halloween_house/index.html This one is fairly complex but also quite cute. The inside is where the Halloween pals are hanging out. All sorts of spooky characters are there.

If you're in the mood for a challenge you might like this moving toy, also from Canon Creative Park. http://cp.c-ij.com/en/contents/3160/halloween-dancers/index.html The handle that moves the creatures inside the jack-o-lantern is made from a skull, which is a nice touch.

Did you ever see Return of the Living Dead? The employees of the supply house accidentally crack open a barrel and release a foul chemical that turns people into zombies. If you liked that film you'll love this paper zombie in a barrel from a site called Papermau. The green zombie peers out of an opening in the side of the barrel. http://papermau.blogspot.com.br/2012/04/zombie-in-barrel-by-papermau-dow...

These paper lanterns from the HP Creative Studio come in either purple or yellow, or you can mix and match. They come with spooky scenes on each side, images like a crow or a spider or a haunted house. http://www.hp.com/hho/hp_create/party_kits_decorations-decorations-hal_l...

I've got two more things from Ravensblight, although one of them is kind of three things. This steel jaw mask, which is pretty creepy, comes in three styles: shiny steel, bloodstained steel, and rusty steel. They kind of go in sequential order. First you start out with nice shiny teeth, then you rip the throat out of someone or something and your teeth become bloody, and then they get rusty. Moral of the story – brush your teeth, no matter what they are made of. http://ravensblight.com/SteelJaw.html

And finally a hideously complicated project that may take some time – a pirate ship called Dark Promise. http://ravensblight.com/DarkPromise.html The Ravensblight website says “The Dark Promise features ominous black sails, gold plated hardware and a nice bright red stripe (said to be painted in human blood).”

Bonus Treat:
This week's bonus treat is drawn by the very talented Emily Carroll. It's gorgeous wallpaper made for a game currently being designed called Gone Home. The image, of a large home in the twilight, fits the season perfectly. http://thefullbrightcompany.com/wallpapers/ (You can find out more about the game itself here: http://thefullbrightcompany.com/gonehome/)