Halloween Papercraft 2009

Still house hunting (did you know there are people that decorate their walls with pine paneling and the floors with big checkered squares? Orange checkered squares that are just a little different from the walls? I didn't either.) But while I was house hunting I also did a little digging and found some nice Halloween Papercraft for the 2009 season o' fright.

We start off with this awesomely detailed human skull from one of my favorite sites, Ravensblight. http://www.ravensblight.com/HumanSkull.html It's life-sized and looks an awful lot like the ones we used to use in my anatomy and physiology class. The creator has done a brilliant job. A few of these scattered around the house or porch will definitely help you set the tone.

ThunderPanda brings us this fantastic Zombiefie Six, a set of intriguingly different zombie figures. http://thunderpanda.com/thezombiefiesix/ There's a bopper, a paper dude that looks like some sort of very expensive bizarre cat, a Grumm, which has some pretty chompy teeth. You definitely don’t want this guy to be able to grab a hold of you, even if he's not infectious.

This site has some extremely fun little fellows all ready for Halloween. http://freepapertoys.blogspot.com/ There's a skeleton looking for some skin. There's a werewolf that's perfectly adorable. The hockey mask murderer may be missing an eye but looks as though he won't have any trouble sawing you in two. And finally Cook Keeper is a robotic refrigerator that, much like me, is searching for alcohol and ice cream. Be careful when you click the download links as there are loads of ads and cookies, which I find quite annoying. Don't accidently click the wrong thing.

Here's something that's already made, and totally not made of paper, but it is way cool and there's probably no reason you can't make something like it yourself. http://www.thinkgeek.com/homeoffice/gear/b9b2/ It's a bathmat and shower curtain straight out of a horror film. If your young kids use their hands to make the prints on the shower curtain you've got a sweet memento and their little hands add an extra chilling aspect to the implied murder.

I like this little skeleton zombie fellow, which How About Orange writes about. http://howaboutorange.blogspot.com/2009/10/skeleton-papercraft-project.h... He's kind of hard to find as he's part of a bigger project called Halloween Night, found on the Canon site. I'm going to link you right to the download page at the Canon site, where you can see him, and the rest of the very cute project. http://cp.c-ij.com/en/contents/3160/03516/downloads/halloween_e_a4.pdf

If you don't mind a massive cute overload you'll want to explore the Paper Model Factory, specifically Series Four – Halloween, which features projects like Hello Zombie, a zombified version of Hello Kitty. The Pumpkins Head doesn't just have a winter squash for a head, it also has skeleton arms. I like the pink Mummy very much, which looks as though it's going to come unwrapped at a moment's notice. http://www.zapotlanejo.info/Factory/ There are also some skeleton animals further down the page in Series Two that you might find of interest. They're quite charming.

Free Halloween Save the date downloads - I love these save the date graphics from Amy, who spooked up some graphics she found elsewhere. If you're having a party you'll want to download them here http://www.livinglocurto.com/2009/09/save-the-date-for-halloween-free-do... Enjoy.

One-Paragraph Review

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