Halloween Papercraft

The best holiday of the year is almost upon us. You may be feeling a little stressed out and worried that you won't be ready in time for all the little trick or treaters, or perhaps for your own foray into the world of bringing home free candy. If you haven't taken the time to decorate or just want to slow down and enjoy yourself before Wednesday night, fear not, it's not too late to whip up some awesome Halloween papercraft. As a friend of mine said to me the other night, "A non-artistic person can actually make a good one."

As usual the Canon Japan site comes to our rescue with some fun ornaments and a diorama featuring a house, a ghost, a monster, a pumpkin, a kitty and a witch. One of the ornaments is a Halloween tree with its very own Halloween ornaments, creating a recursive decoration that is also very cute. There is also a charming Jack-O-Lantern family riding on a rough wooden wagon and a witch's hat and broom that I particularly like.

Image of Face Plate courtesy of Ray O'Bannon of Ravensblight
This scary mask comes in several variations. (Photo courtesy of Ray O'Bannon of Ravensblight.)

The Ravensblight website never fails to please and this year Ray, the creator, is offering this exceptionally creepy mask, the Face Plate, saying, "Some say it's only a story to scare young children... just another urban legend. Others say he really exists. They say he wears a face plate made from rusty shovels and farm machinery. They say this face plate has sharp iron spikes bristling from it, and behind the eye holes only darkness. They say he wears this face plate always... and now SO CAN YOU!!!" He offers five different variations, which will cause reactions ranging from "Gah, get away from me" to "I want my Mommy!"

He's also got the perfect game to keep you amused while you wait for the ghosties and ghoulies to come a prowling. It's a catapult game that features the safest way to kill those pesky vampires - hurling bundles of stakes at them. The fully functional catapult has a range of ten feet and the game also comes with a vampire's grave, set into a sort of maze/bulls-eye background.

Here is a terrific papercraft skull, complete with articulated jaw, from the always amazing Skull A Day blog. You can also find desktop wallpaper and free skull font as well as the most impression images of skull art I've ever seen. The artist has used everything from leaves to vegemite to broken glass to construct the pieces. You should take some time and look through the archives while you're at the blog.

The artist also submitted to Tiki Chris' Halloween Skull Mask Project, part of the 31 Days of Halloween Madness going on in that blog. You can find jolly masks, gruesome masks, freaky clown skull masks and even flowery skull masks. I find this one, submitted by Heather Watts, to be particularly elegant.

While not exactly Halloween material, I was blown away by this papercraft adaptation of a helmeted bird from Hieronymous Bosch's painting The Garden of Earthly Delight and had to include it. Complicated and detailed this piece looks like it would take a long time but you'd have a finished product to be proud of. Unfortunately I can’t read or speak Japanese so I wasn't able to reap all the benefits of his website, but he translates most of it and of course I speak the language of pictures. (Whatever that means.)

Here's another fellow that doesn't quite belong, although with the big zipper right down his face he's more likely to live in Halloweentown than say St. Patrick's Village. I like his tiny little feet and his pointy head. Is that Abe Lincoln on his back? I'm not sure.

Speaking of Halloweentown, here's a link to a papercraft version of Zero from Nightmare Before Christmas. He looks amazing and like he's going to float away any second. There are plenty of other downloads on the same page, including a rather terrifying Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2. I didn't see that movie but I saw the first one and it was creepy and disturbing.

One-Paragraph Review

This week's one-paragraph review is from luvs2knit who says, "Chicks with Sticks (It's a Purl Thing) by Elizabeth Lenhard" is about Scottie, a girl who can't sleep because her aunt, who is her friend, died and her friend Amanda is partying with other girls and ignoring her. Scottie learns to knit and is happy when it helps her sleep but it makes her more of an outsider at school until she makes new friends at her knitting store and makes up with Amanda. Scottie obsesses about everything, which makes her annoying. I wanted to tell her to take a chill pill or just relax or something." Have you got a one-paragraph (or smaller) review you'd like to share? Send it in to me and I'll run the most interesting ones. You can reach me at feedback@qualitytimeweekly.com.