Eggy Papercraft

Reminder - these weekly columns will be quite short and posted at erratic times for the next few weeks as I'm in school taking six units of accelerated classes – the equivalent of twelve units, working full time and trying to stay sane. I'm also trying to take part in Script Frenzy and write a 100 page script during April. We should return to normal at the end of May.

Spring is a great time to indulge in some papercraft. The weather is even more erratic than my posting schedule and some of us are lucky enough to get a spring break, giving us both time and the desire to do something indoors. Some of the following projects are Easter related and some are kind of random.

These papier-mâché eggs from Martha Stewart are gorgeous. (When the webpage opens up you may see an ad instead of the directions so don't let that throw you.) You can use different types of paper to create different effects. You can vary not only the color but also the texture, depending on what you use.

These butterfly Easter eggs and boxes from the same source are also quite attractive. They're fairly quick and easy, mostly because you start out with some readymade materials, like the images you're going to apply to the finished product.

The Canon Creative Park has some fun and cute new additions, including this charming albino rabbit.

This next Canon creation isn't exactly springy but I don't know anyone who can resist an elastic powered yellow duck. Can you?

I also really like this mini carp streamer set, which works because April is windy season; perfect for kites and other things that flutter in the breeze.

Yamaha has a beautiful cherry blossom festival tableau, which I may have written about before. If so I apologize. My memory has holes in it, much like a big slice of Swiss cheese.

And as long as we're including things just because they are pretty, how about this gorgeous and rare hyacinth macaw?

These spring paper globes are really pretty. I wonder what would happen if you tried to make them with ribbon instead of paper.

Bonus Treat:
Here's a great comic about bird justice from the Team Society League. It's definitely dark humor, so be forewarned.