Don't Even Think About It

Don't Even Think About It by Sarah Mylnowski has the best title. It can be read in so many different ways. Such as a warning; don't even think about it or I'll knock your block off. Or, don't even think about it in response to thanks; as in no gratitude is necessary. Or it could mean don't even think about it because everyone in your class can read your mind and they'll find out you cheated on your boyfriend. That last one is in fact what happens in Sarah Mylnowski's clever and fun romp through the trials of ESP in teens. (I know, last week's book was also about teens and ESP but trust me, this one is different.)

The story follows a class of sophomores as they get a bad batch of flu shots, which leads to them all (with the exception of a couple who didn't get the shot) developing telepathy. At first they don't realize this, they think everyone around them suddenly started being much ruder or more open about their worries. One young man is horrified and despondent when he discovers his family is hiding huge secrets from him. He goes from happy go lucky and sociable to being a depressed loner. But others find the telepathy working in their favor and use it to try and better themselves while still others are delighted to get the opportunity to cheat their asses off.

Of course since they can all read each other's minds they can't keep things like cheating to themselves, once one of them does it they all know about it. And love, good grief, how are you supposed to have a nice quiet crush on someone when everyone, including your crush, knows all about it?

This story is told from the point of view of everyone, which is an interesting approach that works really well. The class becomes a kind of Greek chorus, commenting on the events and emotions related. One character will say they did or thought x and the group narrator voice will say something like, “We agreed with her.” Or “We thought that was the biggest mistake she could make.” Having that extra layer of perspective is part of what makes this book so enjoyable. My mood, which wasn't bad to start with, improved measurably while I was reading Don't Even Think About it. In fact I thought about rereading it right away. I am definitely going to have to find more of this author's work, which should be pretty easy as she seems to be a prolific writer. Isn't finding a new author with a big back-list the best?

There is supposed to be an excerpt on this page but it is pretty blank. The books is not yet out, I read an advance review copy supplied by Net Galley, so maybe the excerpt is due to go up soon?

Bonus Treat:
This week's bonus treat was chosen because of the trailer for the new 300 movie, which I seem to hear every three and a half minutes. It features someone wailing about witches serving their masters, which put me in mind of this fantastic, albeit rather old, video.