Christmas Papercraft 2012 Edition

This year the Cannon Creative Park offers so many terrific Christmas themed papercrafts that you could decorate just about anything using just their site. For instance there are five Christmas trees alone, more than a dozen stand alone ornaments, a beautiful star themed mobile, wreathes, banners and other types of decorations. It's exhausting just imagining making them all.

This particular tree is practically all ornaments and gifts, the perfect thing to appeal to a young child, a jackdaw or anyone like me who likes things that sparkle.

This tree is weirdly two dimensional for a three dimensional object. It features flat branches with flat decorations.

This tree is dubbed the basic tree, but it seems fairly fancy to me. It has a garland, a giant bow, ornaments and a grand golden star at the top.

This tree is called the basic mini-tree and it features a tree with adorable branches that curve up at the ends, pagoda style. Each limb ends in an ornament like a stocking, or a candy cane, or a Santa, a bell or something else Christmas themed.

This tree is probably the most three dimensional of the choices. The tree has a garland (or tinsel, depending on where you're from) that threads through the branches, presents that sit under the tree, a star on top and ornaments.

There are quite a few stand alone larger ornaments to choose from. This one is a snowflake,, while this one is a slightly different snowflake. These are plaid gift boxes, wrapped in ribbons and bows. These are more traditional globe ornaments, the kind that used to be glass and now usually come in plastic (which is best if you have kittens in the house.)

If you like traditional dangley type ornaments you may like these snowmen, complete with top hats and scarves,, or these conical Santas, which come in red or green, or possibly these candy canes, which also come with bows AND bits of holly, making them fairly complex for something that is usually simple.

Also falling into the traditional ornament category are these bells, which come in yellow or green,, Christmas stockings, with little poinsettias, and my favorite, Yule goats, which I initially thought were rocking horses. I don't know the story behind the Yule goat but in my imagination it headbutts those who end up on the naughty list.

The mobile is done in a lot of blues and depicts Santa and his reindeer flying across the sky, leaving a trail of gifts behind him. They include a snowman, a string instrument, a teddy bear, a Christmas tree, a wreath and more. There are also snowflakes that dangle. The entire thing is designed to move in the breeze. (It can be fun to put a fan near indoor mobiles, but not too close unless you want to pretend Santa is dealing with a hurricane.)

These gorgeous paper poinsettias should liven up any surface you put them on. And you don't have to worry about any family pets eating them and getting sick. Or at least not as sick as they would get from eating the real thing. The flowers come in three different color patterns and sizes and feature ribbons as well as a basket.

There are quite a few different types of wreathes available, including this unusual style which is basically Santa and his reindeer floating across the sky, with bells and holly at the bottom. This wreath features lots of ribbon and a well dressed Teddy bear. The body of this Christmas ivy wreath is made of interwoven paper vines. This wreath is in the shape of a heart, with a reindeer head, and a giant sprig of holly. Finally this last wreath is called basic but has plenty of parts, including what looks like two different types of berries, a bell, ribbons and bows, and of course the ubiquitous holly.

These string decorations are similar to mobiles, but are simpler. This one features three bells, all with different designs. You can hang them from a bow, which you can make from the same pattern, or you could just hang them all over the house, depending on your whims. This pattern features a snowman surrounded by a ring. I guess the string goes at the top of the ring?

If you're looking for papercraft that is heavy on the paper and light on the craft you should take a look at these two Christmas wall decoration sets. Basically you print them, cut them out and stick them wherever you can find some empty space. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, with about twenty to choose from in total.

This banner of Santa climbing a ladder might seem like it would fall into the hardly any work category but it is a little more complicated. Each rung of the ladder has to be cut out carefully and assembly is somewhat complex. This one on the other hand is a star, which comes in the choice of three colors, that you essentially cut out and slap together. Easy peasy.

This banner spells out Merry Christmas in alternating red and green colors. While this one says Join the Party with letters in a variety of colors. Finally this very simple Santa banner features a jolly Saint Nick who looks as though he is hiding a gift behind his back.

Bonus Treat:
This week's bonus treat is a fun take on the Cinderella story from Kate Beaton, who gives Cinderella a bit more than fancy dress and a carriage. (Am I the only one who thinks one of the stepsisters is a Strong Female Character in disguise?)