Christmas Papercraft

Sometimes the holidays kind of creep up on us. One day we're grimacing because the Halloween candy has been replaced with Christmas trees, (what happened to Thanksgiving, we think) and then suddenly there are only a few days left and the house just doesn't have that special homemade decorating touch. Don’t fret; I've here to help. I took a spin around the interwebs and found a few papercraft projects to help make our homes snazzier, just in the nick of time for the holidays.

Speaking of Christmas trees, here is a fantastic paper tree from Canon, complete with ornaments. If you've got an allergy to pine you might want to use this in place of your real tree, presuming you're giving tiny gifts that will fit underneath. The same artist, T.Ichiyama, has also created this simple wreath, which is complete with holiday fruit and several different bows. If you want to see something quite astonishing and ambitious, take a look at the artist's interpretation of Neuschwanstein Castle. That's a project to keep you busy through the worst of the winter.

The Paper Engineer has made a very cute animated sheep. It's a stray sheep, which brings to mind Jesus' words about the lost sheep, and it has a little map to the heaven, which is a good thing to have, I think. There is also a little green wheel that says Merry Christmas.

Yamaha brings us a couple of reindeer and a sleigh. I love these reindeer because they look so arrogant and as though they spend all their spare time fighting over who is the most awesome. They don’t look the least bit interested in children or toys; instead they're all about looking fantastic and strutting about showing off their antlers.

The Toymaker has updated her Christmas page of papercraft projects and there are loads of choices. I especially like the elf ball, the glad tidings box, and the dodecahedron of little snow guys, which I partly like because it has such a great name.

She also has some very nice things for you to make for Chanukah, including a fantastic gelt basket, a Menorah, and a little Dreidel Book. You can also download some lovely stationary so you can write a special Chanukah letter to someone, or perhaps you could talk them into writing one to you, so you have a nice memento of this year's festivities. Perhaps you could print them out and have your whole family write a few things to each other. That might be nice. Of course, depending on the family it might be awful, so I'll leave that to your discretion. has some fascinating Christmas papercraft. You can download a Santa doll and a candy cane. (Santa's posture makes me think of Mojo Jojo from the Powerpuff Girls but I'm guessing they're not related.) You can also get a pointy Elf helper family that consists of father and son and comes with a lovely red present. Best of all you can make this wonderful Krampus yours. He comes with a bad child and a switch. I'll leave how those two fit together to your imagination.

Not really up on the Krampus mythos? You might want to check out this blog, which has some data and swell Krampus cards. The author collects them and designs his own.

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