Bring on Even More Summer Movies

There are a lot of things that can indicate summer is here, corn on the cob, cooking out every night, mosquitoes draining your blood supply, twilight that lasts forever, lightning bugs flitting about and of course blockbuster films designed to knock your socks, or perhaps sandals, off. We're picking up where we left off last week and continuing our look at upcoming summer movies including Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest and My Super Ex-Girlfriend. We're also going to try a new feature this week at Quality Time; one sentence reviews submitted by our readers. This week we have brilliant wrap-ups of both The Omen and the new X-Men movie. And finally I've got some good news for Princess Bride fans, which basically means good news for everyone.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend, opening on July 21st, is brought to us by Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters, Stripes) and written by Don Payne (The Simpsons). This looks like it's going to be quite funny and loads of fun. I've seen some people calling it a parody of a superhero film but it's not, it's a romantic comedy where the woman just happens to have super powers. Uma Thurman plays Jenny Johnson, the needy and possessive alter ego of G-Girl and Luke Wilson plays Matt Saunders, the hapless boyfriend who would really like to break up and stay alive. Told from Matt's point of view, the writer assures us this is not a chick flick, he says it is the perfect date film.

Opening on the very same weekend is M. Night Shyamalan's newest motion picture, Lady in the Water, which, despite what you may hear on the streets, is not about a mermaid. It's based on an epic bedtime story that Night told his children about a water creature called a narf who is trying to return to her world. Lady is a bit of a departure for the writer/director famed for his twisty endings, who says that it doesn't have a surprise ending and that it's not a horror story, it's a fairy tale. He also says that it is not so much of a mainstream movie, with has a much more independent mood than projects like The Sixth Sense or Signs; feeling almost like a Coen brothers movie in places. I know a fair number of people who like to complain about Night's work, saying that it's all been downhill since Unbreakable but I always have a terrific time at his movies and I'm looking forward to this one.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest opens July 7th. Let's see, it has Johnny Depp, cannibals, Orlando Bloom, ghosts, Keira Knightley, spooky pirate ships, a voodoo queen, Davey Jones, a battle over the soul of Jack Sparrow, and the kraken. I think that's everything you need for an action packed summer evening. Interested in bringing a little more piratey goodness into your real life? Volvo is sponsoring a Pirates of the Caribbean buried treasure hunt starting on the 12th of June. Volvo has hidden a pirate themed XC90 somewhere in the world and your job is to find it. You can get a treasure map from your local dealer then register online to get clues and puzzles emailed to you. I've taken part in some real world games like this before, like the one that ran on Push, Nevada and I've always had a good time. Be sure to get the map though because you have to have it in your possession if you win. Just solving the mystery isn't enough.

The Princess Bride two disc collector's edition, available in either Buttercup or Dread Pirate flavors, hits stores on the 13th of this month and includes splendid extras. You can play the quotable battle of wits or watch the Dread Pirate Roberts: Legend of the Seven Seas historical analysis. You also get a booklet called Fezzik's Guide to Florin. And in the coming months I'll keep you up to date on what's going on with a film that is currently shooting called Stardust. If there were ever a project that will appeal to those of us who love The Princess Bride, it's Stardust. It's fun and fantastic and filled with wonders and wonderful actors. The scenes with Robert De Niro as the captain of a flying lightning catching ship wrapped not too long ago and I hear they look great. We should all go and see it on opening day.

And now for the new feature, Candlelight Tiger's review of the new Omen movie, "A lot like the original, except with better special effects." Shiny Pebble has this to say about X-Men: The Last Stand, "Two words, everybody dies." Have you got a one-sentence review you’d like to submit to Quality Time? Send it in to me at and I'll run the best ones. You don't have to focus on film; you can review books, music, or anything else that fits a family entertainment format.