All Breaking Bad All the Time

Unless you've been completely isolated from pop culture you likely know that the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad started airing recently. And now fan creations are all over the place, ranging from astonishing and adorable to utter time-wasters. Just in case you didn’t find them all on your own,I'm going to list a few of the ones I liked the most.

But first I need to say a couple of words about Karen Joy Fowler's new novel We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves. This book was recommended by every single person on the planet. (Possibly it just seemed that way.) Several people said don't find out anything about it before you read it. Don't read the book's cover, don't listen to anyone talk about it, just dive right in. They were absolutely right. I am very grateful that the only thing I knew about the novel was its quality. It's so good, so poignant, so funny and heartbreaking. It's surprising and tender and I wanted to reread it the moment I finished it. In fact you should read it now and finish my column later. Here is an excerpt:

Back to Breaking Bad – you may have heard that a spinoff is possibly in the works. It would be a dramedy and star Bob Odenkirk, reprising his role as Saul, my favorite scuzzy but talented attorney. This comic suggests another, very different spinoff – one that I would watch the hell out of. I won't spoil it for you; just click through.

The New Yorker brings us Selections From My “Breaking Bad” Fan Fiction, by Bill Barol. They are all funny but some of them shine more than others. We get fabulous lines like this, describing Mike, who managed to survive his murder, “So he took his time and made a really smart plan involving a bunch of henchmen and some guns and a catapult that shoots puff adders and a thing that would blow up Walt’s car when he tuned to a certain radio station.” Why don't I have a catapult that shoots puff adders?

Are you familiar with a tumblr called Shit Rough Drafts? They feature fictional terrible first drafts, plus notes, of various famous works. The creator opened up submissions for Breaking Bad rough drafts and published the best ones. You should be able to figure out what season and episode they are from the URLs.

Dean Norris, who plays Hank, made this fun video for Funny or Die. In it he purports to spoil the end of the series, giving us some scenes that he wrote himself. I follow Dean on twitter and he is very funny so you'll want to watch this.

Matt Czap animated Badger's awesome Star Trek script, complete with guts floating in space. I don't know how he did it so quickly. It seemed like the video was online about ten minutes after the episode aired. It may have been quick but but he did a great job.

In the teaser for the last eight episodes Bryan Cranston, who plays Walter, reads the poem Ozymandias. Many of us are familiar with at least a portion of the poem, particularity the part about looking on his works and despairing, but I hadn't realized the trailer included the entire poem. For some reason I thought it was long and looked up the sonnet so I could read the rest, only to find there wasn't any rest. In case you missed this terrific interpretation:

If you are behind on the show you should probably skip this next one. It might have a small spoiler in it. It's a parody of a scene where Hank and Marie watch a video.

Bonus Treat:
This week's bonus treat is an amazing comic by Boulet. It's about an exploration of the underground that goes ever deeper. It's beautiful and surreal.